Septic Tank

Buried up to top of tank, 5500 Litres, 6,500 Litres 9000 Litres tanks With anti-floatation flanges Optional internal walls, pumps and effluent screens Septic tank access risers and lids available to retrofit to existing septic tanks


This is our most popular plant for average sized homes. It is constructed from fibreglass in one tank and pre-assembled for ease of installation. The plant footprint is 3.5m long x 1.5m wide. The tank weighs approximately 400kg and is delivered by trailer and placed with a 3.5 tonne digger, causing minimal disturbance to existing lawns or bush. This plant is ideal for difficult access or remote sites and have also been delivered by barge and helicopter and can be hand carried if digger access is not possible. 



This is a larger version of the Fibreglass Jet Home Plant, designed for larger houses up to 7 bedrooms, high water use homes, or house plus minor dwelling. The plant footprint is 4.5m long x 1.5m wide. This plant has the same benefits of ease of installation as the fibreglass home plant.