Water Pumps

NGXM5 water pump with 80L horizontal tank and pressure switch

Please see the pump selection chart for the most commonly used models, or contact us for a pump selection for your situation.

Pumps may be controlled by a pressure switch (and fitted with a pressure tank) or have electronic control. Pressure switch and pressure tank is the preferred control for most applications as it is the most reliable form of control and the pressure tank reduces the amount of pump starts. Self priming pumps with electronic control are best for use with retention tanks as this provides run-dry protection for the pump, turning it off if water level drops.

Submersible water pump with electronic control

We have a full range of water pumps to meet your requirements. Our pumps are high quality Italian manufactured products.

Steel Pumps

The Steel Pump range of submersible water pressure pumps are an innovative new product for tank water supply. They are ideal for use with buried water tanks or retention tanks where the home owner does not want to see a pump house. As the pump is submersed it is also very quiet.

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