Armour Plated Protection for your tank

Fibreglass is an ideal material for manufacturing tanks. Tanks are stronger and lighter than plastic tanks due to the woven glass cloth within the walls.

Tanks can be made for above ground or buried installations. We have a range of above and below ground tank moulds and can also modify tanks to suit specific requirements. Different resins can be used for high temperature or chemical storage applications.

Advantages of Fibreglass:

  • Stronger and more adaptable than plastic
  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Lighter and less expensive than steel
  • Moulded product able to be adapted to specific requirements

Features and benefits:

  • Fibreglass laminate is strong and flexible which means no cracks and no leaks.
  • The thick algae proof protective coating on the inside wall prevents the formation and growth of algae.
  • Rib technology ensures extra structural strength.
  • The tanks smooth gel coat finish is maintenance free and will never need painting.
  • A manhole allows for easy access and comes complete with a push-in lid.
20 Year Warranty

Armour plated protection

Fibreglass woven roving reinforced construction built into the wall of the tank adds to the structural integrity and is unique to all FTM tanks.

20 Year Warranty

Each tank comes with a 20 year structural warranty

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