Retention Tanks

Submersible water pump with electronic control Water tank Pump with Electronic Control in Pump Box

The retention tank receives water from roof downpipe and stores it for use in toilet flushing, washing machines and/or outside taps. Excess water flows out a 100mm overflow to stormwater disposal. These tanks often have automatic top up from council supply to prevent them running out of water. These tanks may be above ground or buried.

A pressure controlled pump is required to supply the water. The pump may be surface mounted with a cover and suitable run-dry protection, or a submersible pressure pump may be installed in the tank, eliminating the need for a pump cover and external controls. We can size and supply a suitable pump to meet use requirements.

FTM can supply above ground tanks from 450 to 22,300 Litres.
We can supply buried tanks from 1000 to 9000 Litres.

Advantages of Fibreglass buried tanks:

  • Strong but lightweight
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Designed to be buried
  • Ideal for difficult access sites
  • Available in 1100m and 750mm diameters to fit in narrow areas
  • Tank lengths made to suit individual requirements

Storm water control is a council requirement for most properties. Fibreglass Tanks & Manufacturing provides tanks to meet council requirements for both storm water detention and storm water retention.

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