Waste Tanks

Waste tank Jet Upgrade Plant

Septic Tanks

Buriable up to top of tank
4000 Litre, 5500 Litre, 9000 Litre tanks
With anti-floatation flanges
Optional internal walls, pumps and effluent screens
Septic tank access risers and lids available to retrofit to existing septic tanks

Sewage Plants

Package Aerated treatment system
5850 or 9000 Litre models

Pump Stations

Information can be found on our pump stations page.

Grease Traps

1000 Litre – 9000 Litre

Grease traps are installed at food preparation premises to intercept and contain oil and grease to prevent it from entering and damaging the sewage system. Grease traps should be appropriately sized as per council guidelines regularly checked and emptied as required. We offer a range of grease traps.

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