Water Tanks

Water tank


Standard Colour: Forest Green
Also available in White, Grey and Beige

Water Tanks:

Gallons Litres Diameter Height
5000 22,300l 3.5m 2.44m
3000 13,640l 2.9m 2.2m
2500 11,150l 3.5m 1.22m
2000 8,656l 2.34m 2.2m
1000 4,600l 1.8m 1.8m
600 2,730l 1.55m 1.55m
500 2,300l 1.45m 1.45m
400 1,820l 1.35m 1.35m
250 1,250l 1.15m 1.68m
200 910l 1.1m 1.06m
100 450l 0.98m 0.85m

Installation Requirements:

To ensure a successful installation and meet warranty requirements please install to our recommendations. Fibreglass water tanks are designed for above ground installation only. Dig a 50mm deep level base and cover with 25mm depth of fine (7mm or less diameter) scoria bedding or similar.

Position tank on base. Fit an outlet valve and half fill tank with water on the day of installation.. Pipe the tank overflow away to storm water dispersal to prevent water overflow undermining the tank base.

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